Saturday, October 2, 2010

Teen Writing Groups

I happened to come across this youth writing program when I was looking for something else.  If you live near Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta, are between the ages of 14 and 19 and are interested in honing your writing craft, check out these two groups that meet on a monthly basis.

Teen Writing Groups – Edmonton and Calgary
The WGA Teen Writing Groups meet on a monthly basis and are mentored by writers Erinne Sevigny (Edmonton) and Sarah Ivany (Calgary). The purpose of the groups is to unite teens interested in pursuing the craft of writing and provide a fun, friendly, safe and structured environment for participants to receive constructive feedback on their writing, involve themselves in literary discussion, take part in on-site projects and learning sessions with exciting guests, and engage with like-minded young writers. The age range for these groups are 14 - 19 (Edmonton) and 15 - 18 (Calgary).

Themes that the groups have explored include fiction, poetry, travel writing, memoir and songwriting. Guest appearances have included Patrick Pilarski, Nicole Pakan, Aaron Macri, Trisia Eddy, Hiromi Goto and Heather Clitheroe. 
If you'd like to join a group or obtain further information, please contact:

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