Monday, June 28, 2010

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Yeah.  I love Ally Carter and she has a new book out, Heist Society.

This time, Carter's main character is sixteen year old Kat, who whose family are professional thieves.  But Kat wants out of the thieving business and manages to con her way into an elite boarding school.  When her dad becomes the prime suspect in an art heist from a scary mobster,  Kat has a choice to make.  She can either find the real thieves and steal back the paintings, or turn her back on dear old dad.  Needless to say, the heist is on.

Carter's books have been called escapist fluff, but they are sooo entertaining.  She's got that hip young voice thing going on and it totally sucks me in.  Besides, we are talking perfect summer reading here, and my calendar reads the end of June even though it is cloudy and raining outside.  Damn rain...

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