Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yeah BC Books

Last night was the BC Book Prize Gala. I had the honor of presenting the Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize, which was pretty cool. Maggie Can't Wait was the winner, which was pretty cool since my good friends Frieda Wishinsky and Dean Griffins are the author and illustrator. There isn't anything more wonderful than being in a huge room of people that all love books as much as you do, except maybe eating a gourmet dinner and drinking free wine at the same time...lucky me! I was even more lucky to have had the chance to meet Carrie Mac, a young adult author whom I admire immensely. Her newest book, The Gryphon Project won the Sheila Egoff Prize for best novel for young readers. Carrie works as a paramedic in her other job, and she had the most interesting story about where the idea came from for this book. I've reviewed a couple of her other titles, although not this one...Yikes another book to read on my already overflowing pile... But, I can safely say that you can pick up anything she writes and know that it will be superb.

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