Tuesday, April 27, 2010

John Grisham's latest

Here we go again. Another adult author is taking aim at the YA market. This time, it's John Grisham. His first YA title, Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer won't be out until May 25, but...chapter one is downloadable on the official Theodore Boone website. Any votes as to whether Grisham can pull it off where so many others have failed?

Speaking of failing, Betsy Bird has a survey going as to the best and worst adult author offerings for kids and teens. Check out A Fuse # 8 Production if you want to add your vote. I have my own favs and can't wait to see the results.


suzie townsend said...

I'm definitely interested to read this and see how it is. :)

Nicola Marsh said...

I'm intrigued too.

I have his 'The Appeal' on my TBR pile, haven't read one of his for a while.

Going to wait to hear a few reviews on his foray into YA before buying this one.

readingkidsbooks said...

I have to admit to a healthy dose of skepticism on this one.