Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

So last week one of my daughters and I spent a rainy afternoon watching the new Harry Potter movie.  I admit, that I went in with attitude; I loved the books...all of them.  Would the movie be as good?  But, as a serious fan, it's hard to stay away.  Just like the previous two Potter films, my attitude was swept away within the first few minutes  The movie was totally absorbing.  In fact, when the lights went on I wasn't ready to let go of Harry, Hermione and Ron. 
 The film is centered around the fast-paced race for our three heroes to find and destroy the evil Horcruxes before the Dark Lord can get his hands on them.  Unfortunately, it seems the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts School of Magic have already been infiltrated by said evil so our three heroes are on their own.  While they do get help from an unexpected quarter, the movie ends with a chilling scene that will leave you on the edge.

There were so many scary scenes though, that I wouldn't recommend this one for kids.  I mean there were times when I found myself either closing my eyes or biting my nails or both.  And if the truth be known, more than one involuntary gasp escaped my clenched jaw...resulting in a hissed "shhhh" from my daughter. 
So what I want to know is...When is Part 2 out! Since I can't wait, I'll probably be rereading the whole book sometime very very soon.  I did notice that a game for The Deathly Hallows Part 1...but, you probably already knew that.

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